sábado, 16 de marzo de 2013

Pen Pals (amigos por carta)

Years 6 & 5 are exchanging letters with students from:
- Ysgol Morfa Rhianedd, de Llandudno (Wales, UK)
- King's School, Ely-Cambs, Cambridgeshire (England, UK)

Year 4 students have pen pals from:
- Junction Farm Primary School, de Eaglescliffe (England, UK)

Year 3 pupils sent letters to:
- Portland Primary school, Birkenhead, Wirral (England, UK) 
And they also did some works for Alexander-Von-Humbolt schule. (Goldkronach, Germany)

These are some letters of year 3 students:
letters from year 3 students to Portland Primary School.
Letters from King's school to year 6 and 5 (click on link below)

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